200 George Street

Visitors to 200 George

Visitor Access

Those visiting 200 George should first report to the concierge desks in the ground floor lobby.
A dedicated concierge desk is provided for Ernst and Young (EY).
A separate concierge desk is provided for the balance of the building tenants.

The location of these desks is shown below.


Visitor Access Protocol

Prior to visitors arriving, the respective Tenant shall notify the concierge of the expected visitor/s and their arrival time via a meeting invite emailed prior to the visit. The meeting will invite the visitor’s details – name, mobile, email, contact number, and the company they are representing.
On arrival the visitor will sign in with the Concierge.
A temporary visitor pass will be provided to the visitor for the duration of their visit. This will allow access via the speed stiles to access the lifts.