200 George Street

End of Trip Facilities

Generous End of Trip Facilities (EOT) are provided for the tenants comfort.
The EOT’S are located in the basement levels.  The EOT amenities include lockers, showers, bike racks, hair dryers, hair straighteners, and bike repair stations.
Access is afforded by the two (2) carpark jockey lifts.

Locker Rooms and Showers

The locker rooms and showers are located as follows;

  • Female – Basement 2
  • Male – Basement 3

The locker rooms are all secure. Access is via the tenant/s security swipe card.
The room is shared by various tenants. However, lockers are apportioned and signposted per Tenant.



Tenant Bike Racks

Secured bike rack rooms are provided for Tenant use across Basement levels 1 – 4.
Access is afforded by the two (2) carpark jockey lifts.




Visitor Bike Racks

Visitor bike racks are provided for building visitors on Underwood Street level.