200 George Street

Travel App

The interactive App below allows those 200 George tenants and visitors travelling, to enter their destination, and then calculates the different modes of transport available and the amount of C02 each mode uses.

This is to educate tenants and visitors of the environmental impact their transport decisions have, and hopefully encourage the choice of more sustainable transport options.


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Public Transport Timetable


Source: The Guardian: Emissions by transport type (Sept 2, 2009)

1 125g/km Average petrol city car, with average load of 1.6 passengers. Average CO2 per passenger
2 24g/km Average diet including imported food
3 18g/km Average diet including imported food
4 23g/km Based on intercity electric train at 75% occupancy
42g/km Based on post-2006 diesel bus at 75% occupancy
62g/km Ferry calculated as 1.5x that of a bus (http://www.naturaledgeproject.net/Documents/KenworthyTransportGreenhouse.pdf)