200 George Street

Building Access

200 George is accessible from George Street and Underwood Street.
Access locations are marked below.


From George Street


From Underwood Street / Pitt Street

Disabled Access

200 George caters for disabled access.
For those with a disability, access is afforded from both George and Underwood Streets.

From George Street

Disabled access to the ground floor lobby can be made via two DDA doors. These are located;

  • adjacent to the revolving doors (George Street), and
  • off the through site link

Locations are shown below.


From Underwood Street

  • A lift is provided for disabled access between Underwood and George Street.
  • This lift is open 24 / 7.

The lift location is shown below.


Carpark Access


There are four (4) levels of basement car parking.

63 private spaces are provided. The majority of these are apportioned to the anchor tenant Ernst and Young (EY).   The balance will be leased exclusively by Tenants of the building. No public parking will be provided. The carpark is accessible via Underwood Street.

During Business Hours

During business hours the carpark will be fully open on Underwood and B1 levels for Tenant and courier vehicle parking.
The first security line is a boom gate at the top of B2 ramp. This disallows couriers and service vehicles from entering the private levels (B2-B4).
Access through the boom gate is able via an ‘air key’ (remote). In the event this fails, an intercom and card reader will provide access.


After Business Hours

After business hours a roller shutter at the top of the B1 ramp will come down. This will prevent any access to B1 through B4.
Access is permitted to those building Tenants with allocated spaces.
Access is possible via the remote ‘air key’


Couriers and Service Vehicles

11 courier and service vehicle spaces shall be provided.
These are provided across Underwood and B1 levels.
Only couriers and service vehicles catering for 200 George shall be able to use these spaces, and usage is limited to 15 minutes.
Access to Tenants on floor is afforded via the goods lift.
The goods lift has a ‘lift hall’ button or intercom. This connects to the respective on floor Tenant. The Tenant then authorises lift access and sends the lift to the floor (Underwood Street or B1 where the courier is waiting.

End of Trip Access

The End of Trip facilities are located on Basement Levels 2 and 3.
Access to these spaces is available via the two (2) jockey lifts from ground floor to the basements.
All End of Trip facilities are secured, and accessible with the use of the Tenant swipe card.
Further details on the End of Trip facilities is provided in the ‘Building Amenities’ section.