200 George Street

The Infant City

Case 12

200 George was one of the first areas settled by Europeans following colonisation in 1788. This scant collection of fragments are some of the oldest found on this site. Owners of the site included Lieutenant William Kent, James Underwood, Thomas and Mary Crump and John Redmond. Limited archaeological evidence was found relating to their lives. Some fragments of broken crockery were used to pack the bottom of postholes. Other pieces were found mixed into fill that was used to level out Underwood’s yard.

Some of the crockery was imported from Britain. It shows early forms of decoration, including hand painted patterns and simple glazes. This technology developed into the mass produced transfer printwares seen later at the site. Other items are locally produced coarsewares, glazed with lead.

A single copper nail was found. Commonly used for shipbuilding as they do not rust, perhaps it was lost by one of Underwood’s shipbuilders in the early 1800s?

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