200 George Street

Made for Walking

Case 11

Footwear was an important item of clothing during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The streets of Sydney were often dusty and dirty. During winter they were wet and muddy. This is just a sample of the leather shoes found. A large quantity of footwear was dumped in a well on the site. The quantity and range of pieces found can only have come from a workshop, such as the bootmakers who operated in one of the small shops along George Street. The boots and shoes are mostly in pieces, but several more complete examples were also found. They included shoes for children, women, and men’s shoes and boots. Pieces of leather found showed evidence of re-use, such as sections of new shoe cut from the old, and the sole of a boot worn completely through and removed for replacement. Also found were tools such as this leather punch and the metal eyelets inserted in the leather for laces.

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